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FOLIO Facilitated Online Learning as an Interative Opportunity


Designing, Conducting and Analysing Surveys and Questionnaires (ASQ)


Please note...

The ASQ course ended on June 6th 2006. However, this website retains highly useful information and resources that may be of interest to you.


About ASQ...

Welcome to the 'Designing, Conducting and Analysing Surveys and Questionnaires' (ASQ) web pages. ASQ is an online interactive course on surveys and questionnaires that is being delivered by email and Web pages as part of the National electronic Library for Health (NeLH) Librarian Development Programme.


The ASQ course began on the 24th of April 2006 and will end on the 9th of June 2006. To keep track of the course so far, see the ASQ archive. To see an outline of upcoming course materials and exercises, see the ASQ course timetable.


ASQ Course Materials...


Key materials:



Course materials- ASQ Briefings



Course materials- PowerPoint presentations



Guest presentation


  • 'SPSS for Surveys' PowerPoint presentation by Chris Carroll (Module Tutor: Analysis of Health Information, MSc in Health Informatics, Dept. of Information Studies, University of Sheffield)
  • See the links below for the accompanying recorded voiceovers for each slide. Alternatively, to listen to the slides and the voiceover simultaneously, click here. The voiceover on each slide will start automatically.


Slide 1: Title page Slide 9: Viewing data- data view
Slide 2:Overview Slide 10: Graphs and tables- introduction
Slide 3:Introduction #1
Slide 11: Graphs and tables- bar chart
Slide 4: Introduction #2
Slide 12: Graphs and tables- pie chart
Slide 5: What is good about SPSS #1?
Slide 13: Frequency tables
Slide 6: What is good about SPSS #2? Slide 14: Librarianship surveys and SPSS
Slide 7: Viewing survey data
Slide 15: References
Slide 8: Viewing data-variable view


ASQ Case study materials:





Course Evaluation:


Course aim...

This course aims to to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to design, conduct and analyse surveys and questionnaires for use in investigating any type of library service.


Course objectives/ Learning outcomes...

By the end of this course participants will be able to:


  • Identify when to choose to use questionnaires and surveys in their own practice.
  • Design a questionnaire or survey for investigating their own service.
  • Understand the main considerations when identifying an appropriate target  population for a questionnaire or survey.
  • Identify the main question types and their specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • Describe the main considerations when analysing and presenting data.
  • Engage with fellow participants in discussing issues connected with the design and use of questionnaires and surveys.


Useful references


  • For more information about designing, conducting and analysing surveys and questionnaires, see the following references
  • Booth A. (2003) A quest for questionnaires. Health Information & Libraries Journal 20 (1):53-6.
  • Booth, A (2005) Mind your Ps and Qs (pitfalls of questionnaires). Health Information & Libraries Journal 22 (3): 228-231. 
  • Bowling, A. Research methods in health: Investigating health and health services. 2nd ed. Buckingham: Open University Press; 2002. 
  • Leung WC. How to design a questionnaire. StudentBMJ 2001; 9: 187-9 
  • Leung WC. How to conduct a survey. StudentBMJ 2001;9:143-5. (May.) 
  • McColl E et al. Design and use of questionnaires: a review of best practice applicable to surveys of health service staff and patients. Health Technology Assessment, 2001; 5 (31): 1-256.
  • Oppenheim, A.N. Questionnaire Design and Attitude Measurement. New ed. London: Continuum; 2000.

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